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The Nature Experience, a Personal Reflection

I love just about everything about nature. It's is pure and honest. Every day and ordinary, but in itself, extraordinary!  Beauty is all around us, in every flower and leaf, and the insects and animals. You can feel it in the warmth of the sun and hear it in the whisper of the trees during a breeze or in the sound of the ocean.  Look closely at a leaf or dragonfly wing and see the veins that carry life.  When you walk under a tree, do you think about the birds and insects that inhabit it? Do you want to touch the bark and examine the leaves? Smell the fragrance of the honeysuckle surrounding the tree trunk and listen to the chatter of the birds and crickets. Life is all around us and many of us NEVER take time to focus on this experience. A fresh breeze renews our spirit, a soaring bird leads the imagination to higher levels, and the journey of fleeting insects reminds us of our ever changing lives. 

When I walk in the woods, explore the mountains, or drive in the country, I take my camera with me to capture some of the beauty I find. It may be a reflection in a lake, a flower in bloom, the brief moment when the light is magical, or the sun bursting through storm clouds.  I experience the breath of life in trees as they sway in the winds, the purity in the waterfalls as they cascade over stones, and persevering hope in animals as they search for food. Walking among the natural world and observing the unique, the inspiring, and the majestic works of a wonderful Creator, I want to capture the essence to share with others.  We are surrounded by proof of His detailed and unique love and concern for us. To me, nature truly does testify about His glory and is a testimony to the greatness of our creative God.
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."  Psalm 19:1
Below are examples of my work